We offer tailor-made instruments to our customers who desire to own uniquely designed violins and bows made just for them. ​

The customization varies from carving words to installing gemstones*. ​

*Our gemstones partner sources for high quality jadeite from Myanmar, high quality diamonds from South Africa and Australia. Other options include sapphires, tanzanite, and rubies from various reputable sources. Certification available (with a fee) from the renowned Nan Yang Gemological Institute of Singapore. ​


Stringed instruments need regular care and maintenance to ensure its best playability and optimal sound quality. Common problems would require:  ​

  • Basic setup and/or adjustment​
  • Customized bridge cutting 
  • Replacement and/or adjustment of soundpost and bass bar​
  • Raising of violin necks ​
  • Redressing of fingerboards​
  • Installing new pegs​
  • Gluing of open seams​
  • Repairing cracks​
  • Cleaning and varnishing


For customers who prefer a stay-at-home viewing experience, we offer virtual viewing. Book your appointment HERE. Do check out our recordings of violin demonstrations as well!